Simple Home Money Management

Simple Home Money Management 3.0

Keeps track of the user's home budget and generate reports
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Stay on top of your finances by monitoring your investments, taxes, bills, property income, salary income, retirement income, etc. Create a database of all your debit cards, credit cards, check accounts along with bills and other expenses, then have the tool generate annual budgets, charts, etc.

Simple Home Money Management is an excellent tool that allows you to manage all your money-related issues such as investments, budgeting, banking, taxes, etc. The advantage of using this program is that you don't need to be an expert in finances; the program guides you step by step to start and setup all the information with ease to finally generate your anual budget and control your finances.

You first need to create a user name and password and set-up the start date for your budget to run one year (it should be a Monday). Then, you setup your account items such as credit cards, check accounts, etc.; add the income items to "My Income Items", e.g. salary, property income, dividends, etc.; the outcome items to "My Outgoing Items", e.g. house mortage, enery, telephone service, etc.; and introduce the information for your annual budget.

After you have setup all the information, you can update your accounts' information to finally generate reports for your annual budget, year to date against budget table, charts, and more. You can also print the reports, and backup the data.

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  • It allows you to take control of your finances and generate reports
  • You can use OFX and QIF files to import transactions
  • You can enable a password to protect your information


  • Trial version can be used only for 14 days
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